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Playing games is fun, and it as always been a question of which platform performs the best and gives the greatest experience. I think that pc gaming is where both of those are best, and that it can do many things that consoles can’t. I wanted to make this just to share my opinion and make your life a little better by switching over, or at least learning more. I can’t tell you what specifically to choose, but hopefully this helps make your choice a little easier


PC is usually the better experience
I have come up with 5 good reasons why I personally think that pc’s are better than consoles in the gaming aspect. This is obviously based on opinion, and there are exceptions for some of these. For the most part however, these are the reasons why I generally stay with pc.

The 5 main reasons

You have probably already heard about how pc games almost always have better visuals than their console counter-parts. It is still true most of the time though, especially with a gaming computer. On a computer, you can change the graphics options, and for some games such as crysis 3, this really makes a big difference. Of course you would need to put a fair amount of money into a good computer even if you build it yourself for a cheaper cost.

By more options, I mean that you have more options with the computer’s hardware than with a console. This is especially true if you build a computer yourself, and in that case you can choose each and every part that goes in to the rig. You can get superior parts in a self-built computer than in a console quite easily as of right now.

A console can play games, and maybe go on the internet, but it is a far smoother experience with a keyboard and mouse than with a controller and possibly a cell-phone sized keypad. This is one of the things where you don’t have to have a gaming computer to benefit. Any computer can go on the internet and search things or watch videos. Imagine trying to make a post on a forum with a controller. It would take a while.

If you make a custom computer, which I recommend doing, and you spend a bit, it should last for a few years just fine. By “a bit” I mean 600-1000 dollars at least, but the thing about a computer is that once it is time to upgrade, you can upgrade just one part for a few hundred bucks, instead of a whole new $400-$500 console every generation. So over the course of let’s say 10 years, you might spend $2000 on a computer, but closer to $3000 if you bought every new console that came out, and all the new $60 games for each console.

If you get a brand new gaming console, you would have to spend about 60 bucks for every game you get until it has been out for a while, but who would spend $400 on something and wait a year to really use it? There are already thousands of great games on the pc, and quite a lot of those are exclusives. Most mmo games are only on pc right now, and if those are your favorite kinds of games, then it would make more sense to spend less on a console and more on a pc. Also, good luck trying to find the cheap indie games that are usually under $5 or $10 on a computer.

Overall, purchasing a game console isn’t necessarily a bad idea, but you should consider these points if you are wondering what to do. It is really about what you want to do, or if you even care about these concerns at all. By all means, if none of these really even affect you that much, than you could always get both to have to cons and pros of both.

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