Why Attraction Marketing?

Attraction Marketing

So you are tired of the rat race and figured out that network marketing is the best way to go. You join a company that you are thrilled to start. When joining a company the first thing that you are told is to contact family and friends. Lets say that you contact everyone that you possibly know and no one is interested. Now What? There goes your warm market. When you ask your upline on how to meet new people, you are told to talk to people within 3 feet of you. Now that is okay, when you are running a few errands, however, you want to take massive action. You don’t want to just meet some people here and there hoping they join your business. This can take forever to build your empire. Did you know that 97% of people fail in their mlm business? The reason why is because they run out of leads or run out of money to support their business. You want to add a few people in your buisness once a week, or every day. The best way to do this is through attraction marketing. Attraction marketing is the best way to connect with people online within short period of time. You can connect with people through different social media sites such as facebook and twitter. The reason why you can get better results with attraction marketing is because you are providing valuable information to your prospects which helps build trust. Once people see that you are someone of value, they will be more likely to join your primary business.

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