Social media trends

#1. User-generated Content
According to the study conducted by Scoopshot among newspapers editors, 80% regularly use UGC and 76% plan to make greater use of it in future.
Yet, for businesses it is still seems quite a new move to allow their customers to participate in the content creating and posting processes. But in 2017 more companies will certainly place great emphasis on UGC to encourage customers’ engagement and build their loyalty.

#2. Google+
Google keeps promoting its products and services and there is absolutely no doubt that Google+ will definitely gain more power in 2017.
At the moment this network takes the second place just after Facebook by the number of monthly visitors (1.15 billion vs.343 million).
According to social media experts, having an active Google+ account and recommendations will guarantee wide social media coverage and better search rankings for businesses.

#3. Facebook
However skeptical the investors may be about Facebook’s prospects, the social platform will continue to grow and play a significant role in social media in 2017.

#4. Twitter
Twitter is expected to get more growth in future, and there is already some stats showing that more users shift to Twitter microblogging from their Facebook accounts.
Businesses can apply short 140 characters posts as an efficient marketing tool for generating leads, building a loyal community and providing immediate customer service.

#5. LinkedIn
Though LinkedIn is regarded as specific social platform for professionals, it will reinforce its positions in B2B sphere. Besides, LinkedIn offers awesome content marketing opportunities, which can help to raise potential customers’ awareness and drive quality leads.

#6. Visual Content Trends
Efficient content strategy will employ images and videos as critical components, which means that Pinterest, Instagram and Vine will gain dominant positions in social media marketing.
Marketing experts are pretty sure that companies will be efficiently using short Vine’s 6 seconds or Instagram’s 15 seconds videos to deliver their ideas to the users in a compact and visually attractive form.

So that was our brief review of social media trends for the coming year. We believe that 2017 will be an awesome year for SMM and will bring lots of new trends and positive transformations.
And what is your view on this? We would like to see your comments in the box below.

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